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Eat Blog Talk

Apr 13, 2023

In episode 401, Marta Rivera Diaz teaches us how to be an authentic ally as a content creator, helping under-served individuals in thoughtful and genuine ways.

Marta Rivera Diaz is a formally trained chef with more than 25 years of cooking and baking experience and is the chef and author behind Sense & Edibility®, her “online culinary school.” Marta created Sense & Edibility® to encourage advanced and novice cooks alike, to explore- and succeed at executing culinary fundamentals, techniques, and cuisines never before explained or introduced to them. As a bi-racial woman, who grew up and married into the military, and one who lives with a disability, Marta is a staunch advocate for under-served communities, especially in the food space. In this episode, you’ll learn more about how to stand up for equality, diversity and inclusion in your field of expertise.

- When you want to be inclusive and consider diversity, look beyond yourself.

- How can you be a better, considered person online?

- Don’t limit creators’ abilities based on their racial and gender characteristics.

- How to respond to someone’s suggestion for your own content?

- Find someone to openly ask about what is potentially offensive to them.

- Be careful when you are writing about a certain culture in your content.

- Provide recipe hacks in a sensitive way to people with disabilities etc.

- Write exciting Alt Text for your images.

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